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Customised scouting solutions for proactive squad planning are the core of our consulting solutions for professional clubs and differentiate us from data service providers because the data is already analysed by us.


The added value of data is not to collect and own it, but to select and interpret it profitably. We access up to six data platforms and identify the key figures that are really relevant. Through holistic consulting with CREATEFOOTBALL, professional clubs save six-figure sums!


Clubs such as Brentford FC, Midtjylland FC and Brighton & Hove show that a stringent and proactive transfer strategy results in profit and success. In data-based pre-scouting, the type of player sought is individually scouted to suit the club. In addition, our market screening filters international soccer leagues for interesting players.


The data-based approach allows entire markets to be qThe data-driven approach allows entire markets to be quickly surveyed and interesting players to be precisely filtered out. The enormous time savings in this process ensure that clubs use their scouting resources more efficiently and only need to review interesting players through video and live scouting.


Objective and well-founded assessments lead to a significant reduction in costs due to a reduced risk of making a wrong purchase on the transfer market. Our squad analysis helps professional clubs to evaluate team and player performance free of emotion and to generate solutions from this.

Matthias Lösing, DFB

CREATEFOOTBALL provides competent and high-quality analyses across all playing classes. The results of these analyses help us to focus on the sporting characteristics and thus generate exciting content for our competitions.”