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Only those who think and act innovatively and are open to modern developments and new ways will have a successful future in the football business.

Mats Beckmann, Founder &
Head of Strategy

Quirin Sterr, Founder &
Head of Operations


While other companies have had to make adjustments, whether due to digitalization or pandemic, this has long been everyday life for CREATEFOOTBALL GmbH. For more than seven years, the founders Mats Beckmann and Quirin Sterr have been in constant exchange and operate from different geographical locations – with the same mission. For more than a decade, the data consultants have been tracking the squad planning and transfer market activities of international professional clubs – with the firm goal of revolutionizing the sports business in the long term. From the vision of rethinking soccer through innovative ideas, concepts emerged that are now used on a daily basis by professional clubs such as SV Elversberg, consulting agencies such as ROOF GmbH and ICM Stellar, and major media companies such as ARD, ZDF, Sky Sport News and RTL Sport. By constantly searching for viable and efficient solutions, CREATEFOOTBALL sets itself apart from data service providers by putting data into a meaningful context and testing potential transfers for feasibility. The founders pass on their profound knowledge of theory and practice to industry insiders and interested parties in an online course as well as in advanced training courses at the IST Study Institute.


In modern football, the focus is on short-term success – the concentration on securing one’s own job leads to administrative and little visionary action. The processes in the clubs are extremely inefficient, and in combination with financial problems there are repeated sporting and subsequently economic downfalls. We have a clear vision of how football should be shaped: At the heart of every club must be a unified club philosophy that is and remains unchangeable at its core. It is the key to sustainable and long-term economic and sporting success! Objective criteria and clear strategies (in the transfer market) should become massively more important in order to avoid the risk of bad investments on one side and to increase the sporting quality at the same time. With our know-how in the field of data analysis and scouting, professional clubs, consulting agencies and media companies can gain a competitive advantage while working efficiently at the top level.