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Data consulting is a great support for the efficient monitoring of all potential national players in order to have an objective overview of the performance status at any time and to document developments in a well-founded manner.


The added value of data is not to collect and own it, but to select and interpret it profitably. We access up to six data platforms and determine from them the key figures that are really relevant. Through holistic consulting with CREATEFOOTBALL, football associations save six-figure sums and make smarter decisions!


It is extremely rare nowadays that all national players earn their money in their own country. A nations best players are scattered all over the world – in view of the travel costs, permanent live scouting involves a lot of effort. Data scouting, on the other hand, works far more efficiently and provides insights into all players eligible for the national team.


This level of knowledge flows profitably into squad planning. Together with CREATEFOOTBALL, football associations evaluate requirements for their playing style and from which position profiles are formed. These parameters and international performance comparisons help to make a well-founded decision in squad nominations.


Due to a lack of time, an optimal opponent analysis in the run-up to official matches is of great importance in order to specifically gear training contents to them. The data-based approach provides information on all opponents as well as solutions to increase the probability of winning.

David Beshah, Ethiopia

“CREATEFOOTBALL’s data-based opponent analysis will allow us to prepare more professionally for our tasks in the qualifying rounds and give us an advantage over other African national teams.”

Matthias Lösing, DFB

CREATEFOOTBALL provides competent and high-quality analyses across all playing classes. The results of these analyses help us to focus on the sporting characteristics and thus generate exciting content for our competitions.”